Neptun Wave Spring 2018

12. February - 12. March

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Neptun Wave Spring 2018

12. February - 12. March

We have defined different categories based on three features to make it easier for you to choose the right laptop for your studies or work. These are based on performance, weight and form factor. We also add the 3D symbol to devices that contain a dedicated graphics card.

Baseline Laptops

Neptun Baseline laptops are affordable devices with well-built hardware, 3-year, business-class warranties, and capable Intel i5 CPUs for fields of study outside of STEM and media creation. They are equipped with good keyboards and displays, robust and expandable cases, versatile connectivity options, as well as sufficient memory and storage space for general study tasks.

Medium Performance (3D) Laptops

Neptun Medium Performance laptops reflect the perfect compromise between performance, weight, and battery life. Fast Intel i7 CPUs, large amounts of memory and storage space, high-end connectivity options, and high-resolution displays are integrated into slim devices. Laptops with the 3D logo feature dedicated graphics cards for improved performance in CAD and media creation tasks.

High Performance 3D Laptops

Neptun High Performance laptops are optimized for maximum computing power. With workstation-class CPUs, and professional graphics cards, these highly expandable laptops can handle the most complex and computationally intensive tasks. Some models are equipped with error-correcting ECC RAM.


Neptun devices come in three weight-classes: devices under 1.3 kg are optimized for low weight, sometimes with compromises on performance or display size; devices between 1.3 kg and 1.8 kg are still easy to carry with a good balance between performance, size, and weight; devices over 1.8 kg are optimized for maximum performance with no compromises on power or features, but they are less comfortable to carry around all day.


Convertibles are full-featured laptops with 360° hinges for their touchscreens, and they always include an active digital pen in Neptun offers. The displays can be folded around the keyboard to go from laptop mode to tablet mode. The pen allows the user to take handwritten notes, create drawings, and to add comments to documents (e.g. PDFs) directly on-screen.

Hybrid Tablet

Neptun Hybrid Tablets are Windows tablets with similar or equal performance to laptops. They feature active digital pens and detachable keyboards, both of which are included in all Neptun hybrid tablet bundles.These versatile devices are very light and compact, but they feature fewer ports than full-sized laptops. Used as a tablet, they are ideal for media consumption and for handwritten notes. With the keyboard attached, they can be used as a laptop replacement.


Sleeve shop not available

The Neptun sleeve shop is temporarily not available due to the launch of our new website.

8. 2. 2018

Lenovo TP X1 Carbon 5th Gen Laptop Recall

A limited number of laptops may have an unfastened screw that could damage the laptop’s battery causing overheating. Please check here if your X1 Carbon 5th Gen is affected by entering the Machine Type and Serial number. 

13. 2. 2018