Période de vente d'automne 2018

3 septembre - 1 octobre

Période de vente d'automne 2018

3 septembre - 1 octobre

The Projekt Neptun Account – What is it and Why Should I Register?
13. 6. 2018

Matthias Leutenegger

Neptun Support

Hello there, it’s your friendly Projekt Neptun web developer with an unscheduled announcement.

Starting from first week of June 2018, you might have noticed the register option on the top right of our page. Here, I want to explain why this is something you should consider and what the future plans with it are.

Is this the same account you used to buy your device?

No, the account you can create here is deliberately different from the one you created with Pathworks, Dataquest or Microsoft while ordering. This is because we are not part of either one of these companies and we do not want to gather data about you and your purchase from our partners without your consent, or force you to register your purchase with us. If you want to learn more about how Projekt Neptun works visit the About Us section.

What use is this account to you?

We believe, that the interaction with our customers does not end after purchasing a laptop via our offer. Rather, we want to provide you with comprehensive support services after receiving your device.In other words: we aim for you to have a reliable and competent partner in Projekt Neptun for all questions concerning your device. The first available function is the Neptun Software Service. It allows you to download the commercial versions of Sophos antivirus software and Langmeier Backup for free.

What are our future plans?

In the future, we want to create a place where you can take full advantage of our support services. For this, the capabilities of our account system will be gradually extended over the next months. If you want to be kept up to date, simply subscribe to our newsletter!



Réservez la date

Notez la date maintenant, la prochaine période de vente ouvre le 3 septembre 2018! Si vous avez besoin de toute urgence d'un ordinateur portable avant cette date, nous avons un petit stock d'ordinateurs portables Windows des anciennes périodes de vente réservés aux urgences. Veuillez nous contacter par e-mail pour plus d'informations.


15. 3. 2018

Demo Days sont fixes

Cet automne, nous parcourons à nouveau toute la Suisse. Rencontrez-nous sur l'un des 20 sites, pour la première fois également dans le canton des Grisons.

30. 5. 2018

Information de commande

Nouveau chez Projekt Neptun et pas sûr si vous êtes admissible à commander? S'il vous plaît aller à l'information de commande ou la section FAQ pour trouver des réponses à vos questions. Si vous avez encore besoin de nous contacter, veuillez nous écrire un e-mail ou un message sur notre page Facebook.

8. 2. 2018