Neptun Wave Spring 2022

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Neptun Wave Spring 2022

14 February - 14 March

 Peace of Mind: Backing Up Your Data in macOS and Windows
22. 11. 2017

Manuel Burger

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A backup for your computer is essential to prevent data loss. This means that in case of accidental user errors or faulty components in your computer, your data can be recovered from a different storage device. At our help points we still encounter customers who lost their thesis, pictures, or their project data due to one of the many different problems that can lead to data loss. To prevent this, I would like to introduce you to a few easy backup solutions for Mac and PC in this blogpost.

Apple macOS: Time Machine

Apple computers have the luxury of an out-of-the-box backup solution integrated into macOS that is very user-friendly. Apple’s Time Machine backup program is easy to set up. It backs up your data and programs automatically and continually without any unnecessary user interaction. With an external hard drive and/or iCloud storage, a proper backup is set up and automated with just a few clicks. If you have to restore your system from your Time Machine backup to a new MacBook, you can simply use the “Restore from Time Machine Backup” utility in the macOS Recovery. For a short introduction on how to use the tool have a look at Apple’s support site.

Windows File History and Recovery Points

On a PC there’s the option to use the backup function that is already built into Windows 10: File History. Plug in an external hard drive or any sort of network storage and add it in “Settings -> Update & Security -> Backup”. Now, Windows will continually store all your data from your personal folder to your external drive. It is possible to manually modify the folders that are backed up under “More Options”. This feature is very helpful to save and restore data but doesn’t backup your programs or system settings.
With a Windows Recovery Point it is possible to create a backup of your entire system. In case of a system failure or a malfunctioning drive, you can restore your system to your computer or any other device with the same hardware. For details about all Windows backup and recovery options please have a look here.

Langmeier Backup

Langmeier Backup is a professional Swiss-made backup software to which all our customers have free access through the Neptun Software Service. Apart from saving your data, Langmeier Backup also has the option to create bootable rescue media which allow you to restore your system and programs in case of any operating system failures.
Langmeier Backup is currently only available in German. For a detailed instruction on how to configure your backups please have a look at the manual

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