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Neptun Wave Fall 2018

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Worldwide warranty with Neptun devices
23. 5. 2018

Sabina Kalamujic

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Warranty describes a service contract between the buyer and the seller of a product, in which the seller guarantees that their product works in the way it is designed to for a certain period of time. If the product has a malfunction during this period of time, the seller is required to provide repairs or replacement. For electronic products bought in Switzerland, the law mandates a two-year warranty by the seller (not necessarily the manufacturer) that is valid within the entire country. However, both the seller and the manufacturer are free to offer warranties that provide more coverage either geographically or with an increased duration. Most Neptun devices by Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo are covered by a 3-year, worldwide warranty, the details of which I am going to explain in the following paragraphs.

Note: Microsoft does not offer a worldwide warranty at this point.

Worldwide warranty with Lenovo

Lenovo devices by Projekt Neptun are usually covered by a 3-year, worldwide warranty (International Warranty Services, IWS), unless otherwise noted. Since 2013, most devices are also covered by an on-site warranty, which means that most problems are solved by a technician directly at a place of your choosing. The warranty of Lenovo devices is attached to their serial number, so you will not need any other documents to open a warranty claim. You can check the status and nature of your Lenovo warranty here.

Lenovo’s worldwide warranty covers most countries on earth. You can find a list with the appropriate contact numbers here. However, as Lenovo notes, not every service or replacement part is available in every country. Generally, warranty cases are handled to the standard which is offered in the country in which the claim was first made.

It is important to note that problems related to Software are not covered by the warranty unless they stem from faulty drivers written by Lenovo. Additionally, accidental damage is not covered by the warranty, though additional accidental damage protection is available for purchase.

Worldwide warranty with HP

What HP calls HP Global Warranty works in a similar fashion as Lenovo’s IWS: The standard of the coverage of the warranty always relies on the country in which a warranty claim was made, not on the country in which the device was bought. HP’s warranty system is also attached to the serial number of the device. You can check your warranty status and type here. Initial tests and support procedures can be started with HP Support Assistant, which is preinstalled on HP devices. In general, support claims with HP in all countries can be made here, but in Switzerland, you can also come to our Help Point at ETH Zentrum directly, since Projekt Neptun is an accredited HP service provider. However, always make sure to open your support claims with the respective HP support in the country you are currently in. Just like Lenovo, HP offers on-site support which does not require you to send in you device for repairs.

Worldwide warranty with Dell

Like with the other manufacturers, Dell’s 3-year, worldwide on-site warranty that has so far been included with all Neptun devices is tied to your device’s serial number (“Service Tag” in Dell lingo). You can check your warranty status and receive support for your device here. The link also guides you towards drivers, documentation, and self-help procedures specific to your device. Similar to the other manufacturers, Dell’s warranty offers coverage to the standard available in the country in which the initial warranty claim was made.

Important: Dell’s “Service Tag” is tied to specific countries and you may be asked to convert your service tag to fit the standards of a different country. This procedure can be initiated here.

Worldwide warranty with Apple

Apple laptops by Neptun are covered by Dataquest’s 3-year, worldwide warranty by default only if you bought one of our bundles. If you opted for a custom configuration, it was up to you to either add Apple’s extended warranty (Apple Care) or Dataquest’s CarePlan to extend the basic 2-year warranty mandated by law.

You can check the status of your warranty either with Apple or by contacting Dataquest. In both cases, you will require your serial number to which your warranty is tied.

With Apple devices, you can either opt for Apple’s AppleCare, or Dataquest’s CarePlan, both of which offer worldwide warranty, if there are certified service providers in the country you are in. You can find more information on the exact standards of both warranty types here (German only). It is highly advisable to contact either Apple or Dataquest before visiting a repair center in a country in which you did not buy the laptop to check how to best proceed with you warranty claim. You can find contact info for both companies here (Dataquest, Apple).

AppleCare+, which applies to iPhones and iPads, does not offer worldwide coverage.


For Neptun devices, we try to offer the best warranty coverage available, so your laptop can enjoy a long life and accompany you to your semester abroad. Windows devices, apart from Microsoft Surface, are generally all covered by a similar 3-year, worldwide on-site warranty, with the exact details specific to the respective manufacturer. Apple laptops are always covered in Neptun bundles, or if you added an extended warranty during purchase for custom configurations. If you would like longer coverage for your current laptop, most manufacturers also offer an extension of the warranty which can be bought after you have already purchased your device.

If you have any questions about your warranty, or if you would like a hand in opening a warranty claim, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail or directly at our help points.

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