Neptun Wave Spring 2020

10 February - 9 March

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Universität Zürich, Irchel Campus - 24 February
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Neptun Wave Spring 2020

10 February - 9 March

Demo Days
2. 2. 2020

Michael Fiechter

Neptun Hardware

Between February 17th and 26th you will have the opportunity to stop by a Neptun Demo Day and check out all the laptops on offer.  We will visit 15 different university sites all over Switzerland. From 10 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. all the devices in our lineup will be ready for you to test and compare, and our helpful staff will answer all of your questions. You can find the dates and locations for the Demo Days on our website.

Although the specifications for our devices on our website are among the most detailed, some aspects of a laptop like the feeling of the keyboard, the quality of a screen, or the weight can only really be tested in the hands-on experience that our Demo Days offer. You can also bring your old laptop to the Demo Days and compare to our new devices to see if an upgrade might be worth it. We will answer all and any questions you might have, from the performance needed for your field of study to possible upgrade paths of individual devices. Additionally, staff from the manufacturers themselves will be present at the Demo Days to give you more input on their devices. We are looking forward to seeing you on site. 

Delivery Information

In the current Wave we unfortunately have to expect longer delivery times. More about this in our blog post. Last updated 21 February.

8. 2. 2020

Projekt Neptun Account

You don't need a user account at Projekt Neptun to order. Why an account will be useful in the future is explained in this blog article.

2. 9. 2019