Neptun Wave Fall 2021

6 September - 4 October

Neptun Wave Fall 2021

6 September - 4 October

Spring Summary & Outlook Fall Semester 21
25. 3. 2021

Gabrijela Josavac

Lenovo Neptun Apple HP Dell Digital

The Spring Wave ended ten days ago and our distributors are still busy delivering your orders. At the moment, about 50% of all Windows laptops and monitors are with customers. Two larger shipments will arrive before the Easter holidays, so we will deliver about 75% of all orders by then. As always, we remain in dialogue with Dell, HP, Lenovo, the vendors and distributors to ensure the fastest possible delivery. Where this is not possible, we proactively inform and offer solutions. By the way, the delivery dates can be viewed on a daily basis in your customer account

At Apple, almost only special orders (e.g. keyboard language other than CH) are pending. The delivery time here is between eight and ten weeks from the time of order. For more detailed information, please contact our sales partner via email.

We remain available for all questions via email. If you need a support appointment, contact us to get first help online or book an on-site appointment at one of the five Neptun Help Points. 

By the way, we have already started planning for the Fall Wave. In order to be able to offer the best possible delivery times, we will soon be sending out the first pre-orders for the new devices. We look forward to telling you more about them soon. If you missed something in the spring lineup or have a suggestion for what we could add to the fall lineup to make your student life easier, let us know! Otherwise, stay tuned via newsletter, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so you don't miss the next Wave. From 4 September the latest laptops and tablets as well as other offers from Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung etc. will be available again.

Sohos and Big Sur: Work in Progress

Sophos released a Big Sur-compatible version at the end of the first week of March, but it is still buggy. We are in contact with ETH IT Services to test this version and adapt our installation instructions accordingly. You can sign up here to be informed as soon as the compatible download is available.

16. 3. 2021

Help Point : Please book an appointment

Our support staff at the Help Points ETHZ, Bern vonRoll, UNIBAS and UNILU are there for you. If you need technical support, contact us via email to make an appointment.

30. 9. 2020
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