Neptun Wave Fall 2020

31 August - 28 September

Neptun Wave Fall 2020

31 August - 28 September

Last Call: The Neptun Wave Spring 2019 Is Closing Tonight
11. 3. 2019

Michael Fiechter

Neptun Apple HP Microsoft Hardware Lenovo

Today is the last day of the Neptun Wave Spring 2019. All our offers will be available until midnight, so now is the time to place your last orders. If you have already ordered your laptop, you still might find some interesting accessories in our offers.


Our Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C docking stations for HP and Lenovo laptops add ports for all of your peripheral devices like monitors, keyboards, external storage, and anything else you might need over a single cable. Additionally, they can also charge you laptop at the same speed as a regular power supply. On the go, smaller travel docks can be very useful to help you connect to projectors in lecture halls or to add an ethernet connection when Wi-Fi is scarce. For USB-C-only devices like MacBooks, these travel docks save you from having to carry a large collection of single port adaptors.

In addition to docks, we also offer other useful gadgets like power banks for laptops, external DVD drives, various adaptors, RAM upgrades, printers, and more. Naturally, our classic Neptun sleeves are also available again for all of our current laptops. On our website, you can find dedicated pages for Apple, HP, and Lenovo accessories.


In particular with small laptops an external display can really help improve your productivity while writing seminar papers, researching data, or editing photos and videos. Five displays from NEC are available from a compact and affordable 22” size up to a huge 34” widescreen display. The brand-new NEC EA271U features a 4k panel at 27” and it has a USB-C port over which the display can charge your laptop. For MacBooks, there are also two LG Thunderbolt 3 displays available with 4k and even 5k resolution. All of these monitors are available here.

Warranty extensions

For HP and Lenovo laptops there are warranty extensions of up to 5 years available that can also be added to older laptops. As long as your current laptop is still covered by warranty, you can extend our basic 3 years by another one or two years. The same is true for accidental damage protection (ADP), which covers damages that are not covered by the usual warranty like damage from spills or falls. All warranty extensions are available here.

Storage upgrades by Samsung

In collaboration with Samsung, we are offering various storage upgrades for laptops and other devices. The 970 Evo (Plus) SSD can be used to upgrade most of our recent laptop models, while the 860 Evo SSD can be used to speed up older laptops from HP and Lenovo. All of our current workstations offer at least one additional slot for an SSD, so you will not have to replace the original drive for additional storage space. For external storage extensions and for upgrading recent MacBooks that have a non-replaceable SSD, you can use the T5 and X5 external SSDs. The X5 connects via Thunderbolt 3 to your laptop and it offers the same speed as a built-in SSD. Most of our Lenovo laptops can also be upgraded with a Evo Plus SDXC card which can serve as a second drive in your laptop. For small backups and easy data transport, the Duo Plus USB drive is available. You can find all these offers here. If you are unsure about the compatibility with your device, simply contact us and will help find the right upgrade for you.

Help Point offers

If you need help setting up your new laptop or with transferring data from your old one, you can come by one of our four help points. We can also help you installing that shiny new SSD, RAM extension, or your new battery.

For any questions on our offers you can reach us via e-mail at, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Support is available

We can still offer most support services via remote support. For emergencies that cannot be solved remotely, our Help Point at ETH Zurich is still open. In both cases, advance reservation by e-mail is mandatory.


17. 3. 2020

Projekt Neptun Account

You don't need a user account at Projekt Neptun to order. Why an account will be useful in the future is explained in this blog article.

2. 9. 2019