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There are two four-week Neptun Waves per academic year, these take place in September and February, at the beginning of each semester. The exact dates will be communicated on our homepage, via newsletter and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). All members of the education sector are eligible to order during these sales waves.

In June/July, there will be an exclusive BYOD sale for upper secondary pupils (middle schools, cantonal schools, and vocational schools).

First-semester students, who have a laptop obligation on the part of their university can take advantage of the exclusive pre-sale in the fall.

Products on offer from past Waves can be found in the archive.


The discounts on laptops are difficult to quantify, as some of the configurations we offer are not available on the open market. However, the following basically applies:

  • HP and Lenovo laptops: up to 30% discount on selected laptop models, which are optimally configured for use during studies.
  • Apple laptops: 15% discount on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, all configurations, colors and keyboard languages, 8-10% on iPads, further, different discounts on accessories.
  • Microsoft Surface: Up to 22% off Microsoft Surface Pro Bundle: tablet, keyboard and pen, and Surface Laptop Studio.
  • Samsung: 15% discount on the entire offer, other free accessories included as indicated with each item.

Please note that discounts are renegotiated before each Neptun Wave and may vary. The above discounts are valid for the Neptun Wave Fall 2023.

Eligible to order are:

There may be restrictions, so that not all customers can benefit from certain offers. Restrictions, if any, will be noted with the offer.

We visit various Swiss Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences during each Neptun Wave so that the devices can be viewed and tested before buying. You can find dates and locations under Demo Days.

In addition, all laptop models are exhibited at our Showroom at the ETH Zürich Hönggerberg campus from the start of sales. Since we do not always receive all demo laptops from the manufacturers at the same time, please inquire by email whether your desired model is exhibited.

Yes, all pupils in upper secondary school are eligible to order. Since you do not have a SWITCHaai login, you can use the validation via code to access the online stores. More information about the ordering process can be found here

Yes, all newsly enrolled students can order during the Neptun Wave Fall and/or Spring even without SWTICHaai login. Write us an email and send us the enrollment confirmation.

UAS/UTE and CHE and ETH Zurich students in their first semester can also benefit from the freshmen presale every fall. You will receive the required validation code from your university or directly from us: Write us an email and send us your enrollment confirmation.

For first semester students with laptop obligation from the first day of study, we open the sale earlier in the fall. You can order three weeks before the official opening of the Wave. We offer only laptop models available from stock, which will be delivered to your address immediately after ordering and payment. This way, your laptop will arrive in time for the installation days at your university. You can find more information about the presale here

In general, anyone who has an active SWITCHaai login can order from us. If your student ID is still valid or your SWITCH-aai account is still working during the sales wave, you can place an order. 

For Apple laptops and iPads, you can order the configuration of your choice. The Apple MacBooks and iPads displayed on the hardware page are recommendations. All configurations, colors and keyboard languages that are officially available from Apple Switzerland at the given time are orderable.

Samsung tablets are also orderable in all configurations.

For HP and Lenovo laptops, only those configurations are available that are shown on the hardware page. No customization or configuration changes are possible. Most laptop models are available with either the Swiss or English-International keyboard and with Windows or without operating system. 

For Microsoft Surface devices, only those configurations are available that are displayed on the hardware page. 

Yes, you can order a MacBook Air or Pro in your desired configuration, colour and keyboard language. The discount is the same for all configurations that differ from our recommendation and is 13 % (10 % for alumni and upper secondary school students) on the apple.ch price.

Instructions during the Neptun Wave: Click on the desired MacBook model in a configuration recommended by us. Validate yourself via SWITCHaai login or code. Once you are in the distribution partner's online store, you can configure the MacBook Pro model as desired. Choose the configuration you want and add it to the shopping cart.

Outside of the Neptune Waves, you can find the entire Apple range at the lower discount of 6% to 10% here. Validate with your SWITCHaai login and search for your desired MacBook model and configuration in the distribution partner's online store.

  • Apple MacBooks can be ordered with any keyboard layout that is also available via Apple Switzerland. Since these devices are usually ordered on demand for the customer and are not available from stock, it can take up to six weeks until your laptop arrives at your place. 
  • HP and Lenovo laptops can be ordered with a Swiss or US International keyboard layout. Other keyboard layouts are not available.
  • Microsoft Surface devices can be ordered with a Swiss (QWERTY) or US International keyboard. 
  • Unfortunately, nowadays only a few laptop models allow the keyboard to be replaced at a later date. We can tell you for which models this is possible and help you to order the desired keyboard layout. Our Help Point staff can change the keyboard for a fee.

Select the offer you want on our website and click "order now". You will be redirected to the validation where you can choose between SWITCHaai and code.

  • SWITCHaai authentication is available to all members of a higher education institution
  • Validation via code can be used by all other members of an educational institution who do not have a SWITCHaai login.

After validation, you will be redirected to the online store of the corresponding distribution partner. You can shop in the online store as usual. If you are not yet 18 years old, have your parents make the purchase for you. Have a current document ready for uploading to the shopping cart (pupil ID, student ID, employee ID, confirmation of enrollment, confirmation of membership in an alumni organization, etc.).

For institutes and educational institutions, the provisions under "Order limits" apply. 

Please select SWITCHaai / eduID to validate personally. You can register any institutional email address in the distributor's online store. The billing and delivery address must be to the relevant institute or educational institution.

The payment term is 30 days. To select or enable payment via invoice, proceed as follows:

  • Apple orders: The payment option "Payment via invoice" is only available for institutes or educational institutions. Select this payment option in the last step of your purchase. You do not need to do anything else. In case of any questions or uncertainties, the Apple sales partner will contact you at the registered email address. 
  • Dell / Lenovo / Microsoft orders: Register any institutional email address on the online store. Write an email to the distribution partner's back office requesting that the registered account be classified as an "institutional account". After confirmation from the back office, you can place your order and choose payment via invoice. 
  • HP orders: No direct institute orders are possible in the online store. Individual offers for orders can be requested by e-mail.

Other online stores: Please send us an email.

Only institutional clients can pay by invoice. All other customers can choose between the following payment methods (not all options are available at all sales partners): prepayment, credit card, PostFinance, PayPal, TWINT. Your order will not be processed until your payment has arrived on the account of the distribution partner. 

Between the Neptun Waves there is a reduced offer with smaller discounts. Some of these are only available to university members with SWITCHaai login:

  • For Apple, the discount is 6-10%.
  • You can order HP and Lenovo remaining stock. These are laptop models from past Neptun Waves. The prices are about 10% higher than in the Neptun Wave, with this surcharge we finance the storage and distribution costs.
  • In the Samsung Onlineshop you get 15% discount on the whole assortment.
  • Apple: Maximum per person and academic year:
    • 1 MacBook (Pro/Air)
    • 1 Mac mini
    • 1 iMac or Mac Pro
    • 2 iPad
  • Microsoft: 2 hybrid tablets per person and academic year
  • Dell / HP / Lenovo: Max. 2 laptops and 2 tablets per person and academic year
  • No limitation on other devices (e.g. printers, displays, accessories), unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer

Institutional orders of Apple and Lenovo devices are not subject to any quantity restrictions.
HP devices may only be ordered by private individuals. For institutional orders of HP devices special prices can be requested by email. To prevent abuse, random checks are carried out.

Every three years Projekt Neptun performs a manufacturer evaluation. Laptops can be ordered from the manufacturers which prevail in the evaluation. Currently these are Apple, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft. For each Neptun Wave, the devices are carefully selected to make sure that the latest hardware and high quality matched components are included in the offer. For this, an abbreviated device evaluation is carried out twice per year, in order to select adequate device models and configurations.

The hardware requirements of the universities are taken into account, especially the higher technical requirements of the MINT studies.

Conditions and delivery times

Orders are accepted and processed directly by the respective distribution partners. Contact possibilities that are not listed above can be found in the respective offers website. Our team is also available via email for general questions and purchase advice.

In the respective online stores you can choose from different payment options. Private orders usually have to be paid in advance. Please note that the order will be processed only after receipt of payment. Some payment methods may be subject to additional fees. Payment by invoice is available for institutional orders.

HP, Lenovo and Microsoft laptops, monitors and other peripherals

  • Prepayment via invoice or e-invoice: If you choose to pay via bank transfer, an e-invoice will be sent to the email address provided within 24 hours of order placement. Customers who do not receive the email within 24 hours are asked to check their spam folder and contact our sales representative's team via email or by phone at 041 318 40 00.
  • TWINT, MasterCard, Visa, PostFinance e-finance, PostFinance Card


  • Prepayment via invoice: The confirmation of the order including the prepayment invoice in PDF format will be sent to the specified email address within 24 hours after placing the order. Customers who do not receive the email within 24 hours are asked to check the spam folder and contact our distributor's team via email or by phone at 058 225 52 77.
  • Payment by invoice with installment option (installment payment, associated with additional costs), TWINT, Mastercard, VISA, PostFinance Card


  • Samsung Pay, TWINT, credit card, Klarna invoice

Other online shops

  • As indicated in the respective online store.

Orders placed in the online store of the Apple sales partner can be picked up in a DQ Solutions store.

Audio products that are offered via K55 can be picked up in the sales store in Zurich.

In both cases, you will receive an email as soon as your order is ready for pickup.

For all other offers the possibility to order or pick up on site is not available. All other offers are sold exclusively online and all orders will be delivered by our distribution partners directly to the delivery address you provide (Switzerland, Liechtenstein).

All orders will be delivered by our distribution partners directly to your specified delivery address. For insurance and customs reasons, deliveries can only be made within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The billing and delivery address do not have to be identical, customers with a temporary residence abroad can arrange a delivery to relatives or acquaintances with a postal address in Switzerland, this is usually no problem because the goods are sent by registered mail. 

In the online store of the Apple distributor, no postage is charged for purchases over CHF 49. In the online store of the HP / Lenovo / Microsoft sales partner, no additional shipping costs are charged for orders over CHF 500, below that the shipping costs are CHF 15. 

Shipping costs are shown in the shopping cart.

  • Delivery Apple devices: Apple MacBook, iMac and iPad will be shipped within one week of receipt of payment if in stock. For out-of-stock devices and CTO orders, a longer delivery time is to be expected. In case of delivery problems on the part of Apple, the delivery time may be extended again. Exact delivery times will be communicated by the distribution partner at the time of order.
  • Delivery time HP, Lenovo, Microsoft laptops, monitors, peripherals: We make a pre-order before each Neptun Wave, so that a larger number of all laptop models is in stock at Wave start. Repeat orders are made on an ongoing basis, but we cannot guarantee that all laptop models are in stock. If the stock is sold out at the time of the order, the delivery time may be longer. The delivery times are communicated on the website of the distribution partner for each model and are only calculated after receipt of payment. Monitors, printers and other peripherals are normally in stock. A partial delivery will only be made if the expected delivery time of the laptop is longer than two weeks. 

Please note:

  • The delivery times in the shops refer to the current stock. However, an order will only become active after payment has been received. If there is a longer period in between, the delivery situation may change.

  • All laptops that are ordered without pre-installed Windows (DOS) or with a special keyboard layout (e.g. US) have a longer delivery time. Please note the corresponding delivery details of the distribution partner's website.

All orders are processed through our distribution partners, here we refer to the exchange and return policies for each partner (see below) .

Manufacturer Warranty

The type and length of the warranty period varies depending on the manufacturer. Here you can find the support and warranty information for the different manufacturers:

  • Apple laptops and iPads: 1 year manufacturer warranty, the second year falls under the legal warranty of the dealer (DQ Solutions AG). For the recommended Projekt Neptun configurations, we point out the possibility of extending the warranty by one year with the "CarePlan" from DQ Solutions worth CHF 99. The warranty extension can be purchased with every MacBook for CHF 99.-. Apple Care+ is also available for purchase.
  • Dell monitors: 3 years advanced exchange service & premium panel warranty are included in the price.
  • HP laptops: 3 years included in the price, depending on the model it is a Pickup & Return International / Europe / Switzerland or Onsite International warranty. Warranty extensions (e.g. accident protection) or extensions can be purchased with the laptop.
  • Lenovo laptops: 3 years Onsite International, starting in fall 2020 with Premier Support, included in the price.  Warranty extensions (e.g. accident protection) or extensions can be purchased with the laptop. 
  • Microsoft Surface products: 2-year send-in warranty, only valid in Switzerland. From fall 2022, 2-year send-in warranty internationally, with the advance exchange option.

For other products such as printers, monitors, etc., there may be differences from manufacturer to manufacturer. These devices come with at least two years warranty. For a repair, they have to be sent to the retailer. 

Neptun laptops from Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo come with a worldwide warranty. However, there are some countries, primarily in Africa and Asia, where there is no support infrastructure and the device has to be taken to the nearest repair center.

The warranty of Microsoft Surface devices purchased before fall 2022 is only valid in Switzerland, from fall window 2022 internationally.

Die Garantielaufzeit kann auf den Websites der Hersteller überprüft werden:

Software and Operating System

Yes, the possibility exists for most laptop models from HP and Lenovo. On our website, the laptop models available without an operating system also show the "price without Windows". This is CHF 110.- lower than the price with Windows. In the online store of the distribution partner you can recognize these devices by the designation "DOS". 

Most institutions of higher education offer discounted software for students. Before you buy a license, consult your university's IT help desk / service desk and check if the product you want is available there.


We provide software bundles with free software. These installation packages can be downloaded here. The installer can (should) also be used regularly to keep the installed products updated.

We run a software service with free commercial backup software available exclusively to Neptun customers. You will need a download code to download the software for free. You will receive the required download code from our distribution partner via email once your laptop has been shipped.

To reset your device to default settings, you need to use recovery media. You can find instructions on how to create these under "Self Support" for the individual manufacturers.

In general it is possible to run Linux on any laptop. However, device-specific problems can occur (e.g. with convertibles, with pen). Mac laptops are less suitable,
but are not excluded. Linux does not work on Microsoft Surface devices. We have the current laptop models tested by the student association of ETHZ "The Alternative". Projekt Neptun laptops are also used as working devices by "The Alternative" during the Linux Days.

The manufacturer's claim about a battery runtime of e.g. up to 10 hours can be true, but it is not necessarily so. The battery life is always stated by the manufacturer for the most energy-optimized model of the range. However, depending on the configuration and model variant, Projekt Neptun laptops use more powerful components, such as an i7 processor instead of an i3, which has a significantly higher energy consumption. The type of graphics card (integrated or dedicated) also means an enormous difference in terms of energy consumption. Thus, it depends on the actual equipment of the respective laptop.

Basically, more speed or more performance always requires more energy. We measure the battery runtimes, which you can find on our website for the respective device, ourselves with the Mobilemark software. If no measurement has been performed yet, it is either "TBA" or "manufacturer's information". You can assume that the manufacturer's specifications are 30% to 50% higher than the actually measured values.


Important: Defective devices must be immediately reported to the manufacturer as a DOA case (dead on arrival)!

The deadlines and procedures are listed on the support pages of the respective manufacturer.

  • In case of problems with the operating system, the software or for a problem diagnosis, you can get support at our Help Points in Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Zurich. Please register your support case via email, we cannot accept support requests without prior notification.
  • In case of hardware failure and if your laptop is still under warranty, please register a support case directly with the manufacturer support.   
  • If your Neptun device needs repair, we offer a free replacement laptop for the duration of the repair. This can be picked up at a Help Point or sent to your address for postage. Please contact our support via email.

We offer general technical support, data migration, initial installation, disposal and replacement of hardware. Services offered and rates can be found here. For students, the first 60 minutes of support per case for their Neptun device (laptop, tablet, printer...) is always free.

Sure! Non-Neptun customers can also make use of our support. The following rates apply. We can't promise that we can fix your device, but we'll do our best. 

Yes, we offer the possibility to set up a backup on your laptop for you, you can find the fees here. For Windows we use the software Langmeier Backup, for MacBooks we use Time Machine. A backup medium with twice as much space as the internal disc must be brought by the customer. 

Unfortunately not. Such damages are only covered by the ADP (accidental damage protection) warranty, which has to be purchased with the laptop. Hint: Ask your personal liability insurance if electronic devices are covered and if such damages are covered.

For students with a Neptun device, replacement laptops are available free of charge for up to four weeks in case their own laptop needs to be sent in for repair. The same service is available to all other Neptun customers for a fee of CHF 50.

Visit our Showroom

You can check out all the laptops on offer in the showroom. Just drop by on one of the following dates:

Showroom Zurich

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Order Information

You can track the order status of your laptop in our distribution partner's customer account. You can find information on this in the FAQ.

Help Point : Please book an appointment

Our support staff at the Help Points ETHZ, Bern vonRoll, UNIBAS and UNILU are there for you. If you need technical support, contact us via email to make an appointment.

Order Information

You can track the order status of your laptop in our distribution partner's customer account. You can find information on this in the FAQ.

Help Point : Please book an appointment

Our support staff at the Help Points ETHZ, Bern vonRoll, UNIBAS and UNILU are there for you. If you need technical support, contact us via email to make an appointment.

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