Presale for first semester students

Most colleges of higher education, universities of applied sciences, universities of teacher education and ETH Zurich have a mandatory laptop requirement. Students in the first semester must obtain a suitable work device for their field of study in time for installation days or introduction courses, which take place in the weeks before lectures begin. Please check the information provided by your college or university.

In the fall semester, we open the sale for first semester students three weeks earlier than for all other students. Only laptop models that are available from stock can be ordered. The offer is adjusted to the hardware requirements of the colleges and universities. This is especially relevant for technical courses, as they have higher hardware requirements. 

There is no pre-sale during the spring semester. You can purchase during the regular Neptun Spring Wave, which opens one week before classes begin. Please note the delivery time indicated for each laptop model.

Which laptop models are available for order?

Spring Wave offer

We cover the whole range of performance requirements with our offer: From the all-round device with or without pen function to the workstation with dedicated GPU for technical studies. Most laptop models are available from stock. For laptops that are not yet in stock, the estimated delivery time is indicated. The offer is published two weeks before the opening of the Wave.

FAQ about the Offer

Upcoming Sales Dates

Neptun Spring Wave 2024: February 12 - March 11

Presale fall 2024: August 12 - August 26

Neptun Fall Wave 2024: Setember 2 - September 30

In the fall semester, we will open the sale for you three weeks earlier than for all other students. You will have a limited model selection during two sales weeks, but these laptop models will be available from stock. There is no pre-sale during the spring semester. You can order during the regular Neptun Spring Wave, which opens one week before classes begin. Please note the indicated delivery time of the desired laptop model.

Upper secondary school students in their final year can take advantage of the BYOD offer for the upper secondary level opening in June 2023/2024.

Compared to the pre-sale, you have a larger selection of laptop models in the regular Neptun Waves in the spring or fall semester, but not all devices are available from stock. Please note the delivery time indicated for each laptop model. Laptop models are featured under hardware two weeks prior to each sale opening.

The offer is open to all UAS, UTE, CHE and ETH Zurich first semesters with laptop obligation. Universities that have actively contacted us have received the order information including the code for their students.

Other universities that are interested in introducing the mandatory laptop program are welcome to contact us via e-mail.

If you have not received a code from your university and would like to order a laptop, please forward us your admission or enrollment confirmation via e-mail. We will send you the code immediately.

You will need a code to access the online stores. This way we can ensure that only freshmen make use of the pre-sale and don't risk empty warehouses. Finally, we make an "in stock" promise.

We communicate the code to the participating universities at an early stage. They will forward the code to the new students. If you have not received a code as a first-semester student, send us an email with your confirmation of enrollment or admission to studies and we will send you the code back immediately.

You can choose between a few different laptop models, which are available from stock. A list of available laptop models will be published on this page in due time. All laptops are orderable while stocks last. If a laptop model is sold out, we immediately remove it from the offer, so that there is no misunderstanding about the delivery.



Yes, we also offer laptop models that are explicitly suitable for technical fields of study with more or less high requirements. Your university specifies the minimum hardware requirements, please refer to the equipment recommendations and any other specifications before purchasing.

If you have chosen a technical field of study, please pay attention to the description texts and specifications of the individual laptops when choosing a laptop. If you use CAD software in your studies (Siemens NX, Dassault, Vectorworks, ARCHICAD), then only those laptop models that have a professional, certified graphics card are suitable.

If you are not sure which laptop is suitable for your course, you can contact us via email

Most universities specify a laptop as a working device. Please check the hardware requirements of your university or college before purchasing. We recommend iPads or tables in general as secondary devices, for note taking.

Our showroom is located at the ETHZ Campus Hönggerberg, come by and let us assist you to choose the right device. If this is too far away for you, you can send us all your questions via email, we will reply within 24 hours.

The laptop should serve you well for at least a bachelor's degree. That's why a 3-year international warranty is included with all HP and Lenovo devices. For Apple, we explicitly recommend purchasing the warranty extension.  If you need assistance with a warranty claim or support after the warranty has expired, our Help Points at ETH Zurich, the University of Basel, the University of Lucerne and the vonRoll Hochschulzentrum Berne will be happy to assist you.

Jobs available!

We are looking for a working student as Deputy Support Coordinator (50-60%) and a Head of Relations, Marketing and Media (80-100%). You can find more details about the position here. Apply now or share the job description with your friends!

10. 11. 2023

Order Information

You can track the order status of your laptop in our distribution partner's customer account. For HP and Lenovo you can access your customer account here. Apple orders can be tracked here. Samsung orders can be viewed in your customer account on the Samsung website.

19. 9. 2022

Help Point : Please book an appointment

Our support staff at the Help Points ETHZ, Bern vonRoll, UNIBAS and UNILU are there for you. If you need technical support, contact us via email to make an appointment.

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