Neptun Wave Fall 2021

6 September - 4 October

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University of St. Gallen - 21 September
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Neptun Wave Fall 2021

6 September - 4 October

Welcome to Projekt Neptun, the mobile computing program for students and members of higher education in Switzerland. Here you can find everything you need to know about choosing and buying hardware for your studies and work.

Projekt Neptun was launched in 2001 as part of the ETH World initiative, which aimed to equip ETH students with the best quality mobile computers - at a price manageable for students. Over the years, Neptun has evolved from an ETH project to an independent company and finally in 2016 to a foundation (SSD - Stiftung Studenten-Discount) and is open for all Swiss universities and colleges. Despite its independence Projekt Neptun continues to adhere to the non-profit idea, with the main aim to provide students with high-quality business hardware at optimum rates.

Laptop Offer

In cooperation with the departments at ETH and the student associations at various universities, we evaluate the laptops for you and choose a range of models, which are well suited for the different fields of study. Subsequently, very attractive prices are negotiated directly with the manufacturers (currently Apple, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft). Next to the laptop we offer additional services such as the Projekt Neptun Software Service or the Projekt Neptun Support. The great success of the past years has shown that Projekt Neptun is highly appreciated by students, teachers and employees of universities and colleges in Switzerland.

Neptun Wave

There are two four-week Neptun Waves per year, in general, these will be held in September and in February at the beginning of semester so you can order your devices online and in time. In order to offer the latest hardware, the exact models and prices are determined only shortly before the start of each Wave. During the Projekt Neptun Wave the so called Demo Days take place at various universities where the devices can be tried out first hand and questions can be asked. The upcoming Neptun Waves are as follows:

Fall Semester 2021/22
Spring Semester 2022
6 September - 4 October
14 February - 14 March


Neptun Discount

The discounts on laptops are difficult to quantify, as some of the configurations offered by Projekt Neptun are not commercially available at all. The devices are designed to meet the needs of a university course, and there are different requirements for the performance and design of the device for the respective fields of study. Basically, however, the following applies:

Windows Laptops

The laptop models of Dell, HP and Lenovo are chosen from the business line of each manufacturer. Projekt Neptun does not sell consumer hardware, which is available at wholesale and retail stores, as these are usually of inferior quality regarding material, components and computing power. Consumer hardware almost never meet the technical requirements of, for example a technical field of study at ETH Zürich. Offers are composed so that a maximum value for money results for the customer, with a discount of up to 45%. The warranty period is three years from date of purchase and is valid worldwide.

An exception are the Microsoft Surface Hybrid laptops: These can be ordered directly from the Microsoft Store with the respective discount, are available from stock and have only two years Swiss (!) warranty. Unfortunately, no warranty extension or renewal is possible.

Apple Laptops

At the moment we can offer discounts on MacBooks, iMacs and iPads, as well as the CarePlan by Dataquest. Here too, Projekt Neptun puts together configurations, which can be understood as a recommendation. Unlike other Apple dealers, Projekt Neptun offers the possiblity to configure your MacBooks yourself and according to your needs. Here too, the discount applies equally.

Printers & monitors

Printers and monitors are also tested during the hardware evaluation phase - at the moment HP and Epson printers as well as monitors from Dell are offered.

Laptop Sleeves

Fitted laptop sleeves, designed by Neptun and produced by Dicota can be bought directly at the Projekt Neptun Help Point in the ETH Store (ML-Building, Floor D, Room 14).

Neptun Support

You will not receive hardware support from your university. That's why all Neptun customers have our two Help Points to help them with technical problems.

Our Help Point in the ETH Center Campus is located in the ML building in the ETH Store and is currently only open by appointment. On the Hönggerberg Campus, you will find the Help Point right next to the student apartments. Come by and have a look at the current laptop models!


A large part of the necessary software can be obtained directly from the university for free or at reduced cost. Check with your institution about the current software offering. The Projekt Neptun Software Service provides all Neptun customers with the commercial antivirus software from Sophos, the Langmeier backup software, as well as other open source programs as downloads.

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Our support staff at the Help Points ETHZ, Bern vonRoll, UNIBAS and UNILU are there for you. If you need technical support, contact us via email to make an appointment.

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