Neptun Wave Fall 2018

3 September - 1 October

Neptun Wave Fall 2018

3 September - 1 October


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Neptun Compatibles are available to institutional clients and students who do not have the possibility to wait for the upcoming Neptun Wave. The devices offered under this name are driver compatible with regular Neptun laptops, which facilitates fleet management. 

The configurations of these laptops correspond to those in the regular Neptun offer, in some cases differences in RAM, SSD size, CPU speed or battery capacity are possible. If compatible configurations of certain models are set by the manufacturer, the Neptun Compatible offer for the corresponding model will also expire, as this would no longer guarantee driver compatibility.

Built-to-order configurations are also possible for orders of 25 or more devices. The delivery time for BTO is at least 6 weeks. For BTO offers please contact us at

We always try to negotiate the best price. Due to smaller quantities and the non-Wave character, the devices are slightly more expensive than during the Neptune Waves.

Neptun Compatibles are available between the Neptun Waves and while stocks last.


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Save the Date

Save the date for the Neptun Wave Fall, we will reopen the online shop on September 3, 2018! If you urgently need a laptop before this date, we have a small stock of Windows-laptops from past Neptune Waves.

15. 3. 2018

Demo Days Scheduled

This autumn we will once again be touring the whole of Switzerland. Meet us at one of the 20 locations, for the first time also in the canton of Graubünden.

30. 5. 2018

Order Information

New at Projekt Neptun and not sure if you are eligible to order? Please go to order information or the FAQ section to find answers to your questions. If you still need to contact us please do so via e-mail or our Facebook page

8. 2. 2018