Neptun Wave Spring 2022

14 February - 14 March

Neptun Wave Spring 2022

14 February - 14 March

Profit now from a 12% discount on a new 14" or 16" MacBook Pro


MacBook Pro 14 & 16

On the 18 October, Apple unveiled the newest MacBook Pro models featuring the M1 Pro/Max processor and you can order them starting from the 22nd of October at noon with a 12% discount! We are offering this special opportunity because the official Neptun Fall Wave ended shortly before the release of these models.

When you buy a MacBook Pro 14" or 16" with an M1 Pro/Max processor together with a DQ CarePlan (warranty extension to 3 years), we will include a matching, high-quality Projekt Neptun sleeve for free.

The offer is valid from 22/10/2021, 12:00 until 29/10/2021, 23:59 and can only be used by university members with SWITCHaai or eduID. All other customers can order the new MacBook Pro models next spring in the regular Neptun Spring Wave.

Important information about the offer:

The offer is exclusively accessible to university members with an active SWITCHaai or eduID account! Everyone else - alumni, faculty and students outside the higher education environment - can order the new MacBook Pro models next spring during our regular Spring Wave.

Think of the environment and your wallet and trade in your old MacBook or any other Apple device now. The offer is cumulative with the discount. This is how you proceed to claim the trade-in offer at the same time you order your new MacBook:

  • DQ Solutions will buy your old Apple device if it meets the conditions.
  • The conditions and the "purchase tool" to calculate the approximate residual value of your old Apple device can be found here.
  • If you want to handle the trade-in by mail, you have to order the additional article "Projekt Neptun: Trade-In" (10.- contribution towards expenses for postage, handling and possible return postage) together with your device. Without this article it can only be handled in a store. When you purchase a new Apple device with this additional article, a return label and the appropriate form to return your old Apple device to DQ Solutions will automatically be included.
  • With the delivery of your new Apple device, you will receive a shipping label and a form to return your old Apple device to DQ Solutions.
  • After the technical inspection, DQ Solutions will inform you via email about the final residual value and you will decide whether you want to accept the offer.
  • If you accept the offer, DQ Solutions will refund the residual value/amount directly to your bank account, if you decline the offer, your old Apple device will be returned to you.

Important: The residual value calculated via the website is intended as a guideline for your orientation. The final amount will be determined after the technical inspection. The calculation is based on daily prices, so you should send your old Apple device to DQ Solutions within 7 days.

All MacBook Pro configurations that Apple offers can be ordered. Other keyboard languages, e.g. US-EN, DE, FR, IT, Pinyin are also available. If your MacBook configuration is not listed in the shop with the desired configuration or keyboard language, order it with the most similar configuration and keyboard language available and add in the comment field which configuration/keyboard language you would like to order. The sales partner will contact you with information on availability and delivery time.


As the MacBook Pros with M1 Pro/Max processor are newly introduced devices, the delivery situation throughout Switzerland is still unclear.

The offer has ended

You can order the new MacBook Pro models next spring during our regular Spring Wave.

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