Neptun Wave Fall 2018

3 September - 1 October

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BFH, Engineering and IT - 24 September
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Neptun Wave Fall 2018

3 September - 1 October

Are you studying at a university or UAS? Are you less than 26 years old? And you don't have a mobile subscription with Swisscom yet?

Then you can benefit from the XTRA special offer*! Get the inOne XTRA mobile S, M or L and receive a 50% discount on the subscription for 12 months.

If you have any questions, please contact Swisscom Help Line 0800 715 007. 

ini ins xtra neptun A6 de high

(SwitchAAI Login)

To the Offer!

*The offer applies to persons under 26 years of age who a) have not had a mobile contract with Swisscom for at least three months (incl. M Budget/Mucho/Simply Mobile/Wingo), b) have successfully completed the verification process on the Projekt Neptun platform and c) sign an inOne XTRA mobile S (50/month), M (70/month) or L (100/month) contract via Projekt Neptun between 3 September 2018 and 1 October 2018 (subscription prices without device purchase, minimum contract period 24 months, activation fee CHF 40). Persons who reach the age of 27 during the promotion period can only benefit from half the subscription price up to this point in time.


Projekt Neptun Account

You don't need an account at Projekt Neptun to order. Find out here why an account will still be useful in the future.

3. 9. 2018

Order Information

New at Projekt Neptun and not sure if you are eligible to order? Please go to order information or the FAQ section to find answers to your questions. If you still need to contact us please do so via e-mail or our Facebook page

8. 2. 2018

Questions about invoice and delivery?

For HP, Lenovo and peripherals, call 041 318 40 00 or write an e-mail to our distribution partner. For Apple orders, call 058 225 52 77 or write an email to our distribution partner. You can track Microsoft orders in your Microsoft Store account.

30. 5. 2018