Neptun Wave Spring 2022

14 February - 14 March

Neptun Wave Spring 2022

14 February - 14 March

Warranty Information

Neptun laptops are covered by a 3-year warranty (duration of battery warranty is model dependent). Since spring 2013, the warranty of most laptop models is an onsite warranty (before spring 2013: bring-in warranty). The warranty is linked to the laptop's serial number: How do I find the serial and model number of my laptop? 

Please click here to check the warranty type and status.

Easily replaceable parts that fall into the Customer Replacement Unit (CRU) category are dispatched directly to the customer. The customer replaces the part and the defective part must be returned to Lenovo using the enclosed prepaid postage box. CSR examples are (depending on the model):

  • power supply
  • battery (external)
  • HDD / SSD
  • memory
  • keyboard

For all other hardware issues, a service technician will carry the required replacement parts and perform the repairs onsite (if the laptop is covered by on-site warranty). It is not necessary to send the device to the manufacturer. However, it still is possible to send it in should the customer prefer to do so. If the service technician is not able to fix the problem on-site, the laptop may have to be sent to the service center.

Hardware Defect

Dead-on-Arrival (DoA - defective device upon delivery)

If a device is defective upon delivery, a DoA must be reported to Lenovo within 6 business days as of the date specified on the delivery note. A step-by-step procedure can be found in this document.
Damage in transit has to be reported directly to the distribution partner Computacenter TS GmbH ( / 041 318 40 00).

Report Hardware Malfunction (not DoA)

To register a defective device, it has to be reported to a Lenovo Repair Center. In Switzerland, we recommend using the following online form to report ThinkPad products the Lenovo Service Center ESAG: Report Hardware Malfunction

Please notify ESAG in the problem description or inform the call center agent that you are reporting a problem with a Projekt Neptun laptop.

International Warranty Service (IWS): Certain countries (ASEAN states, China, Argentina, Israel,...) may require additional documentation (such as proof of purchase or proof of proper importation) prior to performing IWS service. Find the detailed requirements per country here:

Lenovo needs a detailed description of the problem as well as the type and serial number of your laptop which are given on the bottom of your laptop or inside the battery compartment. If the label is no longer readable, you can also look it up in the BIOS. 
If replacement parts need to be exchanged under warranty, customer replaceable replacement parts may be delivered by mail for installation by the customer (battery, power adapter, RAM…). For all other repairs the ESAG/Lenovo technician will need the entire device to fix it on-site or at a service center.
Additional information on the Lenovo Service Center ESAG (Switzerland) can be found here.

 Other options to register a defective ThinkPad device with ESAG are:

Lenovo Miix tablets and other non-ThinkPad devices must be registered directly with Lenovo Support: Lenovo Support Contact

Devices under on-site Warranty

  • If Lenovo determines that your product problem is covered by the product on-site warranty and cannot be resolved over the telephone, a technician will be dispatched to arrive onsite at your office or home. If the service employee is not able to fix the problem on-site the laptop may have to be sent to the service center.
  • User replaceable parts can be sent to you by mail and you have to replace them yourself. A manual is included.
  • Onsite service is only available in metropolitan areas; in lightly populated areas you have to send in your device for repair.
  • 24 h reaction time does not mean that a repair is done within 24 h, but that a technician will try to contact you within this time frame to communicate the further procedure. Usually, repairs are performed within two to four business days as soon as all spare parts are in stock.

Devices under Bring-In Warranty

  • Defective ThinkPad laptops may be brought in or shipped to the Lenovo Hardware Center ESAG in Wädenswil after a ticket has been opened with the support team.


If a hardware problem has not been resolved after a repair attempt, please be sure to mention this when you request the subsequent repair ticket.

If you are not satisfied with the repair services, please let us know by sending an email to Please include a short problem description and possibly pictures of the defect, as well as any reference numbers and names of the support staff involved.

Lenovo Support Links

Order, Delivery Time

You can track the order status of your laptop in our distribution partner's customer account. For HP, Lenovo and peripherals you can access your customer account here. Apple orders can be tracked here. More information about delivery time can be found in the latest blog article

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