Neptun Wave Fall 2020

28 August - 28 September

Neptun Wave Fall 2020

28 August - 28 September

Under this link you will find instructions on how to locate your serial number and how to check your warranty.

Note: If you have purchased a warranty extension from DQ Solutions (DQ CarePlan), it will not appear in the Apple warranty check. Check your purchase receipt to see how long the DQ CarePlan is valid.

For more information about warranty for your Apple device, please click here.

If your Mac won't turn on or the startup process cannot be completed, try the solutions described in the links.

Software updates from the laptop manufacturer are important. 

Apple usually supports the three latest macOS versions and therefore you should not use older macOS versions. Because the newest macOS version sometimes causes problems, we recommend to use the second newest version.

Apple Diagnostics and Apple Hardware Test are tools you can use to diagnose problems with your computer’s internal hardware, such as the logic board, memory, and wireless components. You may be able to start your Mac with Apple Diagnostics or Apple Hardware Test, even if it doesn’t start using macOS.

If your Mac has issues related to settings stored in nonvolatile RAM, resetting it might help.

On our manufacturer support page you will find all the necessary information to open a warranty case. If you have any difficulties, we will be happy to assist you. Please write us an e-mail.

The utilities in macOS Recovery help you restore from Time Machine, reinstall macOS, get help online, repair or erase a hard disk, and more:


Data loss can occur at any time and for various reasons. We therefore recommend that you back up your data regularly. 

Apple's Time Machine, the built-in backup feature of your Mac, lets you back up all your files - including apps, music, photos, email, documents, and system files. You can restore files in the event your original files are deleted from your Mac or your Mac's hard drive or SSD is deleted or replaced.

You can find more tips on data backup on the ETH IT Security website: Protect your brainwork.

If you are having trouble accessing your Apple ID or iCloud, the following steps will help.

Support is available

We can still offer most support services via remote support. For emergencies that cannot be solved remotely, our Help Point at ETH Zurich is still open. In both cases, advance reservation by e-mail is mandatory.


17. 3. 2020