Delivery Times for Laptops in the Neptun Fall Wave 2021
24. 9. 2021

Michael Fiechter


How does Projekt Neptun order devices?

For devices from Lenovo and HP, we negotiate the quantities for the devices that will be included in the next offer with our distribution partner Computacenter TS GmbH some time before the next sales wave. Since we cannot return surplus devices after the sales wave, we may only pre-order as many devices at a time as we can safely sell. If our pre-orders sell out during the sales wave, we will re-order as many units from the manufacturers as we need in addition. We have already pre-ordered most of the devices for the fall 2021 window between April and June.

For Apple devices, our distribution partner DQ Solutions AG organizes the pre-orders. Since DQ Solutions can also sell the devices outside of the Neptun waves, they can order significantly larger quantities, which means the delivery situation for MacBooks and iPads is often better.

Microsoft only sells devices that are directly available from stock, so delivery times there are always very short. In return, customers have to switch to another Surface Pro configuration or keyboard model if the desired configuration is not available.

Where can I find the delivery time before buying?

The delivery time for all HP and Lenovo devices is displayed in the store and regularly updated. The delivery time always applies from the payment date, not from the order date. For orders by credit card or Twint, the payment and order date are always the same, as the payment is registered immediately with these payment methods. For orders on prepayment, the desired device is reserved only when the payment is received. Therefore, if there is a long time between the order and the payment, the desired device may have to be reordered, even if it was marked as "available from stock" in the store at the time of the order. Thus, paying by credit card or Twint is the safest way to get the desired device quickly.

In the case of Apple devices, the store only shows whether they are in stock or not. Devices that are in stock are shipped immediately after payment. For devices that are not in stock, you have to expect a delivery time of 4-8 weeks.

Where can I see the status of my order after purchase?

You can track your order at the following links:

Go to the store for HP and Lenovo orders

Go to the store for MacBook and iPad orders

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Order Information

You can track the order status of your laptop in our distribution partner's customer account. For HP and Lenovo you can access your customer account here. Apple orders can be tracked here. Samsung orders can be viewed in your customer account on the Samsung website.

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