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Warranty Information

Neptun monitors from Dell have 3 or 5 years Advanced Exchange Service (next business day replacement) & Premium Panel Warranty.

Monitor defective on delivery (DoA - Dead on Arrival - 10 day period)

Monitors defective on delivery must be reported immediately by email to the sales partner Computacenter TS GmbH:

A deadline of 10 days applies for reporting a DoA (the date on the Tech Data/Computacenter delivery bill is decisive).

The following information is required:

  • A precise description of the defect
  • Photos of the damage on the device (if the packaging was also damaged, additional pictures of it)
  • Service tag (serial number)
  • Delivery bill or order number
  • Collection address for the defective device (with name/first name, phone and email)
  • Delivery address for the replacement device (with name/first name, phone and email)

In case of questions or uncertainties Computacenter can be contacted by phone: 041 318 40 00

Monitor defective (without DoA) - warranty case

Warranty and support requests can be made directly to Dell via phone 0848 330 092, email or chat: 

Contact Dell Support online

Using the monitor's serial number, the responsible support can be found and contacted. An Express Service Code is attached to the monitor, which is required when opening the support case. 


Neptun laptops by Dell have a 3-year onsite warranty. The warranty is connected to the service tag of the device. The type and duration of the warranty can be checked by following this link.

Easily replaceable parts which are categorized as Customer Self Replaceable (CSR) are sent to the customer by courier. The defective part must be sent back to Dell after replacement using the enclosed prepaid postage box. Examples of CSR parts are (depending on the model):

  • Power supply
  • RAM
  • Hard drive

All other hardware defects covered by the warranty will be repaired onsite by a service technician. For defects that cannot be fixed onsite, the service technician may need to send the laptop to a service center. If requested, the customer may also send the defective laptop to a Dell service center directly without using the onsite support.

Hardware Defect

Dead-on-Arrival (DoA – new device defective on delivery)

If your device is defective on delivery – Dead-on-arrival (DoA) – it must be reported to Dell within 10 days from the date on delivery receipt. The procedure for a DoA is described in this document.

Damages in transit must be reported to our distributor Computacenter TS GmbH ( / 041 318 40 00).

Report a Hardware Malfunction (not DoA)

To register a defective device as a warranty case, it has to be reported to Dell directly. You can check your warranty status by providing your service tag here: Dell warranty check.

For all service requests, the service tag of the defective device is required: Where can I find the service tag?

  • We recommend using the Dell Online Support. Diagnostic tools and tests on this website simplify the identification of the problem and contact information to Dell is available (E-Mail, phone, etc.).
  • Dell Pro Support: 0848 33 00 92

Dell require a detailed description of the problem and the service tag of the affected device. In case of a replacement under warranty, certain parts (Power supply, RAM, SSD…) may be delivered by mail for the installation by the customer. For repairs under warranty, a Dell service technician will repair the device onsite or, if the problem cannot be fixed onsite, take it to a service center. Onsite support cannot always be guaranteed in remote areas.


If repeated attempts are necessary to fix a problem, this should be mentioned to Dell in case of a renewed service request.

hould a warranty process be unsatisfactory, please contact Projekt Neptun via e-mail at and concisely describe the problem. If possible, please also provide any reference numbers and involved persons.

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