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IMPORTANT: The information here applies only to Surface products purchased through Project Neptune before Fall 2022.

Warranty Information

Your new Surface Pro comes with a one-year standard manufacturer warranty, as well as 90 days of special initial setup-up support from Microsoft. The warranty is valid in Switzerland only.
The second year after purchase is covered by the legal defects liability of the retailer (Microsoft Switzerland).
Please refer to the warranty conditions. Both new and refurbished parts can be used for repairs. Replacements can be made with both a new or a refurbished unit.
Microsoft grants a one-year manufacturer warranty on accessories, such as the Surface pens or TypeCovers.

Warranty claim overview:

  • 2 year warranty for hardware defects and malfunctions covered by Microsoft Switzerland (1st year manufacturer warranty and 2nd year defects liability).
  • 90 days extended technical Surface Support for pre-installed software by Microsoft Support Desk's experts for Surface devices.

In addition to the standard warranty, you can purchase extended coverage and support for your Surface from Microsoft for up to 4 years. With Microsoft Complete, you are entitled to the following (please refer to the warranty terms and conditions):

  • Extended technical support from Microsoft experts.
  • Accidental damage protection, including liquid or drop damage. (Up to 2 replacements; up to 3 repairs to the original product; up to a total amount equal to the original purchase price of the product).

You can purchase Microsoft Complete either outright with your Surface or online up to 45 days after device purchase.

Even after the warranty expires, you can contact Microsoft Answer Desk with your questions.

What to do in the event of a claim

If your Surface product needs service, you can request service online. Learn how the service process works here

If you are not satisfied with the repair process, please report it by sending an email to Describe the problem briefly, if possible with reference numbers and names of the persons involved.

Microsoft Support Links

Order, Invoice & Refund Questions

Questions about ordering, billing, or refunds can be directed to the Microsoft Store.

I bought my Surface as of fall 2022 (Surface for Business):

Here you can find our first aid page for problems with Microsoft Surface for Business: 

First Aid MS Surface for Business

The Microsoft Surface for Business devices have a 2 year base warranty.

Information on how you report a warranty case for your Microsoft Surface for Business device can be found below.

Warranty Information (Surface for Business)

Microsoft Surface for Business devices purchased through Projekt Neptun have a 2-year manufacturer's warranty with Advanced Exchange Service and it is internationally applicable.

The warranty is linked to the serial number of the device and it can be verified online: Check Warranty

Here you can find the Microsoft Surface for Business warranty conditions.

Surface accessories (pen, TypeCover, etc.) usually have a one year warranty directly covered by Microsoft and a 2nd year of defects liability covered by our sales and distribution partner Computacenter TS GmbH.

In the event of a warranty claim, Microsoft Surface for Business devices are simply replaced with a refurbished or new device through the Advanced Exchange Service.

The benefit is that the replacement device is sent to you before you return the defective device to Microsoft. Within 3 - 4 workdays you receive a replacement device (refurbished or new). Then you can transfer your data before sending the defective device to Microsoft for inspection.
The defective device will then be examined by Microsoft and the remaining warranty period will be transferred to the exchange device.

Here you can find the terms and conditions of the Advanced Exchange Service (under "Terms and Conditions for Services").
(Advanced Exchange is only available in supported markets. For a list, see the Exchange Services Terms and Conditions).

Hardware Defect (Surface for Business)

Defect upon Delivery - DoA (Dead-on-Arrival)

Device is damaged upon receipt or has a hardware defect - DoA cases must be reported to Microsoft via Computacenter TS within 30 days of the date on the receipt.

The procedure for reporting a DoA is covered in this document.

Transport damage and cosmetic defects, such as scratches, stains or dents, must be reported immediately to the sales partner Computacenter TS GmbH ( / 041 318 40 00).

Report a Hardware Malfunction (not DoA)

To register a defective Surface for Business device for a warranty claim, it must be reported to Microsoft Surface Commercial Support.

If possible, the Surface Diagnostics Toolkit for Business should be installed and ran in advance to generate a report ("run all tests"):

For the report you need the serial number of your MS Surface for Business device: Find the serial number

With the serial number you can check the warranty.

  • You can contact Microsoft Commercial Support by phone (24/7 and 365 days a year). Select Surface Support and mention that you have a Surface for Business device - phone number: 0848 858 868
    (If you are not in Switzerland: find an international phone number)

  • Or you can open a ticket directly online on the MS Surface for Business Service Hub. You will have to log in with a Microsoft account. Be sure to include the serial number of your device in the problem description and indicate that you own a Surface for Business. The ticket will automatically be forwarded to Microsoft's technical device support team, who will then get in touch with you.
    If the issue can be resolved by support, the case will be closed. If it is determined that the device needs to be replaced, an Exchange Service Order is created.

Surface for Business devices have a 2-year warranty with Advanced Exchange Service. Therefore, in the event of a warranty claim, Microsoft will first ship a refurbished or new replacement device to you, before you return the defective device to Microsoft for inspection.

If the device is out of warranty or customer-indexed damage is found, Microsoft will send you a quote to replace or repair the device: Out of warranty maintenance costs for Surface devices or accessories

If Microsoft determines that the device needs to be replaced, an Exchange Service Order is created. The Surface Laptop for Business devices have a warranty with Advanced Exchange Service. The process for this is as follows:

  • You will receive a replacement unit, a shipping box and a prepaid shipping label from Microsoft.
  • Don't forget to prepare your Surface for exchange before you send it in.
  • Then, pack the non-functioning device in the box, attach the shipping label, and send it back to Microsoft using the shipping/courier service indicated on the return label.
  • Once the non-functioning device arrives, Microsoft will inspect it for customer-induced damage.
    After inspection, the remaining warranty period and/or protection plan will be transferred to the replacement unit.
    (If the protection plan is less than 90 days, the device is eligible for a 90-day repair warranty).

If this has worked out, Microsoft confirms the receipt of the device and the case is closed.

Microsoft Surface accessory usually has a one-year manufacturer's warranty. The 2nd year is covered by the defects liability of the retailer. 

During the 1st warranty year defective Surface accessories purchased via Project Neptune can be reported via the Surface for Business support channels listed.
During the 2nd warranty year you can contact our sales and distribution partner Computacenter TS directly: .



If, contrary to expectations, problems arise in the course of a warranty claim or if you are not satisfied with the support, please report this via e-mail to Computacenter TS (with in the Cc).

Please briefly describe the problem, which service center you have contacted and, if possible, provide us with the serial number of the affected Surface device, any case/reference numbers and the names of the persons involved.

General Support

If there is a problems with your Projekt Neptun laptop, you can email us a problem description, we will get back to you on weekdays within 24h:

Projekt Neptun Support 

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